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Wellux is a highly personalized service, where you receive a personalized program with the  help of our highly trained representatives and nurses. These professionals will talk to you directly and will begin guiding you through our program and planning stages, matching you with the  best in the field and the doctors who are most suited to your situation. Our doctors will customize a program that is understanding  of your needs and focus on meeting them as completely as possible.

This will include all needed steps: 

1.       When you contact us by filling out our basic form  – our dedicated nurses will call you for a more detailed interview in order to  understand your needs and create your personalized, secure profile.

2.       We will choose best specialists: based on what you need – we will select the best  doctors  and experts in the field , who will be performing  additional diagnostics,  treatments and counselling.

3.       We will define the best program for your needs. Your program will focus on the personalized application of advanced methods, prevention and long term health programs that will ideally suit your needs and your schedule. We will agree about best cost options and payment structure.

4.       We will deliver the program:  providing all the technology, infrastructure and professional personnel  for the delivery of your treatments.

Wellux will coordinate the efforts of the specialists working on your case: secure sharing (only with your personal approval and non-disclosure agreements with doctors) of health data,

 –  translating  all the  documents

 – organizing  direct translation and recording of the therapeutic or coaching sessions

 – analyzing additional tests

 – 24/7 support of our wellsierges and if needed– extra scheduling

– adding or changing of the specialists if desired or required

 – delivery of necessary nutritional supplements, equipment or products for the treatment

 –  coordinating our service with your primary care physician or personal coach and trainer

  (You will know all the services when you finish consulting with the representatives)

5.       We will organize your trip: If needed  –  we will propose and organize your trip for advanced diagnostics or treatment. Our travel agents will take care of the entire set of logistics of your trip, ideally coordinating it with treatment schedule and possible exclusive entertainment program.

To learn more about how Wellux will help you – please fill out the short form below and our dedicated representative will contact you soon.



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