Wellux Passport assists you in the creation of your own personal healthcare profile that you alone control. You can securely store all of your health history. Synchronize your health date for years. Easily use it to connect to the top doctors and other health care experts from around the world.

Do it all in comparative safety and with minimal effort.

Keep adding information over your lifetime, creating your personal health history.

The more information you have in profile:

– The more precise, effective and timely the actions that you can take in regards to the most important are of your life- your health.

– The better and more fleshed out your profile, the earlier the doctors will be able to detect and prevent disease.

– It will be easier to find the specialists best suited for your problem or your case worldwide.

Try Wellux Passport! Take your good health to the next level!


Wellux Pasport offers two core services, that follow one another:


You elect to organize, synchronize and put in chronological order all your health records

 You collect all the information necessary and deliver it to us: it can be scanned and sent, sent in the mail, transferred electronically from your clinics or physicians health records.

If you cannot collect all the information – it can be added over the course of your association with Wellux. Your profile can be updated at any time.

The materials will be transcribed, if needed – translated into English, so the doctors from any country of the world could understand it.

All information will be sorted and synchronized by fields, cases, issues.

If there is missing information – additional information is needful then diagnostics or tests can be recommended.

The advanced secure profile will be controlled by you, serving as a getaway to connect to doctors, experts and institutions worldwide from the Wellux Network. The best part is that the information will stay with you for your whole life!

Safety and Security of your data is guaranteed under the NDA agreement that we sign at the inception of your service.


When you create your Secure Personal Profile, our Consulting Doctor will begin the revision of all your health history, to assess deep underlying reasons for situations, conditions and issues, and to better understand your unique health profile. With it – he or she will assess the risks, steps to prevent disease and long term strategy to improving health and prolonging life

Upon initial diagnostics we will define main areas to focus the research.

Additional tests and analyses may be recommended to fill any empty spots.

We recommend doctors to hear their opinion on the evaluation of your records . This gives us a better understanding of your health history and future.

Based on the evaluations you can be given advice on improvement in different areas of your health: nutrition, lifestyle, preventive treatments.

Long term health strategies can be created for you to keep improving your health and prolonging your life.

A Complete Analysis of your Health History is a complex process. It is also well worth the time that it takes to accomplish it. This assessment will be done in stages, with the duration dependent upon your individual case.

To find out more about the Wellux Process, to ask for an initial evaluation or to speak with us about how we can help you to achieve a higher level of wellness, please contact us using the short form below.



  • Create and understand your healthcare history
  • Protect your health data
  • Expand your doctors network. Globally.
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