When you visit world class  doctors and wellness experts we will insure that your experience is always positive. It is not a secret that when you visit a foreign place – it’s always stressful. If you come for a treatment or advanced diagnostics – our mission is to make your experience as effective and pleasant as possible. Your comfort in this trip is our priority. We will ensure that you stay relaxed, the schedule of your meetings well planned and get help from your personal assistant during the whole time. All your special requests will be met (specific food, diet, regimen, tele-office to help you stay connected  with your business and etc). And if you want to add some unusual experiences to your program,  visit exclusive places and meet unusual talented and intelligent people – as a part of Wellux Plus we have some unique  entertainment and experiential programs to offer you, that can be incorporated  into your treatment or therapy schedule.

Main steps of the service:

1. You decide to visit a doctor, expert or clinic, or you have your existing trip planned previously – for business or leisure.

2. You contact our representatives with your request or decide to follow our recommendation of personal visit for diagnostics or treatment. We review all the details of your case and create the most effective and comprehensive program for your visit.

3. We  take care of all the logistics: arrange visits, sessions and treatments for you, coordinate your personal schedule with our specialists and services, book flights, hotels, transportation, our dedicated personal assistant and translator will help you the entire time.

4. We stay in touch with you the whole time to assure the quality of your experience  or to make corrections in the schedule and arrange extra activities as needed.

5. You can choose some extra services from our entertainment and experiential packages in Wellux Plus.

6. As a possibility we do Urgent Priority Scheduling if you are already in the US and want your visit to be arranged right away.

To get more details on how we can help you to visit the best doctors and clinics, please contact us using the short form below.



  • Travel with comfort to meet best doctors
  • Add health programs to your trip schedule
  • Schedule a visit to a trusted doctor without a delay
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