Our advanced health service focuses on bringing the best doctors to you and providing you the health plans with the main purposes:

1. Diagnose better. Using the advanced diagnostics methods and technologies, we can provide a better understanding of your health situation, whether it be a second opinion, specific area of diagnostics or systemic functional analyses, that will give the answers on core reasons of health issues, chronic disease or other  personal challenges.

2. Avoid unnecessary treatments. With better diagnostics our experts can  see the ways in which you can avoid highly invasive treatments with strong side effects, like surgeries etc.

3. Deliver better treatment.  If you need to do the treatment – you can choose to come to do it with our specialists in the best institutes with the most progressive equipment.

4. Provide a better recovery. Our long term programs include complementary methods, special nutritional plans, behavioral medicine and personal sets of exercises, proven  to help in a faster and better recovery.

5. Prevent problems and build Long Term Health. To prevent a disease from relapsing, lower the risk of side-effects and achieve general increase of health and immune power we apply our exclusive long term programs developed by the experts.

To learn more about how our Advanced Health Packages work, please contact us using the short form below.



  • Get a second opinion from best doctors
  • Get diagnosed with greater accuracy
  • Find the core reasons of the disease
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